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Iran is Having A Bad Week

June 07, 2021 Sean Morgan
The Sean Morgan Report
Iran is Having A Bad Week
The Sean Morgan Report
Iran is Having A Bad Week
Jun 07, 2021
Sean Morgan

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0 (1s):
How are you doing the day, John? Hello? I'm good. Good to see you. How are you doing well? I've got the background behind me here of where I'm at in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I'm flying to the United States this week to spend a couple of months there. So I'm very excited to come back home. Excellent.

1 (19s):
Well, we welcome you and wish you safe travels, safe journey. And unfortunately you're more than likely have to have a mask food parts of that journey. So be prepared. Yes,

0 (29s):
It was going to be quite a trip. You know, it's a mandated because I'm coming from Brazil that I have to get a COVID test to prove that I'm, COVID free using these phony phony tests that they have. So I'll document it. I'll let you know how it goes. But today I want to talk about how I ran has been having a really bad week when I ran has a bad week. I have a good week. So it's interesting because last week on one day they had three mysterious accidents that impaired the Iranian military or infrastructure, usually they're these mysterious fires or explosions that just kinda ruin stuff.

0 (1m 11s):
And sure enough, same thing happened yesterday to a steel factory in Iran. There was an explosion and a fire. It was contained, but it's just interesting that these things just keep on happening in Iran. And then an interesting and other interesting thing happened with Iran is that they just lost their voting rights at the United nations because they didn't pay $16 million, which are the costs of the globalists dues of belonging to the UN and voting there. So, you know, this trend just seems like for the past year or so, a controlled demolition of that power structure and Iran, and I'm glad that it's happening without some type of major military intervention.

0 (1m 55s):
So I'm sensing and this, and I'm just going to put out my prediction here that we're going to see regime change in the next two years. Well,

1 (2m 3s):
Excellent. And certainly long overdue. This has been going on to my estimation since the seventies and the good people of Iran have been subject to some somewhat horrifying decades. Let's hope and pray that your forecast is right and this begins to change.

0 (2m 20s):
Absolutely. And another interesting geopolitical and financial thing that's happening right now as what Russia in the Russian government are choosing to do with their financial system. They are going through a di dollarization just last week, Russia removed all dollar denominated assets from its massive sovereign wealth fund. And now let's take a look on the screen about how they're mandating that state firms switch from the dollar to the Euro payments. So we didn't get to see the, the, the last two are on the screen. So this is the, the third visual. And my question is, is Russia playing defense in the case of future sanctions?

0 (3m 5s):
Or do they see some kind of trouble ahead for the U S dollar? You know, it's very interesting that Russia sees euros and Chinese currency and gold as safer than the United States dollar. So it's one of the things that I, I notice and, and news analysis, I don't so much pay attention to the rhetoric. I pay more attention to what these important state actors are actually doing. And when I see them like furiously buying gold and repatriating gold and de dollarization, it makes me think, while something's going to go down, this is going to scare the American economy.

0 (3m 48s):
So I don't know, I don't know what Russia knows, but I know they know something.

1 (3m 53s):
I agree with you and our economist, Dr. Kirk Elliott, who has the program here each and every Saturday, there was an interview Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay interviewed Dr. Elliott on his program. I'm having our producers cut the segment out of Scott sho of just the introduction in the segment of Dr. Elliott. I've known Kurt for 15 years. I think the talkie gave, explained, explaining some of the things that you're raising our attention to here with Bazell three and, and the price point of gold, the two, the currencies and such was among the most important talks Kirk has ever given. And I followed him pretty closely.

1 (4m 33s):
We're going to cut that folks, put it up on our website and put it up on the social media accounts for, for you to get some more information, but you're right, Sean, something's happening. Russia is not stupid.

0 (4m 46s):
That's right. So the next thing I want to talk about is how, you know, we've all been aware, hopefully in this alternative noosphere of the Fowchee email release and what people might not know is that these were not hacked emails or anything like that. They were released because the freedom of information act requests from different newspapers and also from judicial watch. And we found out from judicial watch, let's take a look at this on the screen, how there was a delay, a year-long delay because Fowchee himself was reviewing the emails that were going to be released and the ones that were not going to be released released perhaps. And so this is scary to me when these bureaucrats are, have, have the ability to, to regulate themselves.

0 (5m 37s):
And when they regulate themselves, they never do a good job. So although I will say the Fowchee, the emails have been very incriminating. And so perhaps foul she'd, you know, didn't have that much power and, and he's, he's doing what he's told to do. So I, I'm not sure, but let's take a look on the screen about how he suppressed COVID 19 treatments like hydroxychloroquine. So he, along with the other so-called leaders in the healthcare field, coordinated with each other, and next I'm going to show on the screen about how they coordinated with Big Tech. Let's take a look at what Ted Cruz has to say about how Big Tech is liable for COVID-19 censorship.

0 (6m 22s):
Ted Cruz says, well, you know, when they act at the behest of the government, he's talking about Facebook, when they contact Fowchee, when they say, should we censor this and file? She says, yes. And the sensor it for the federal government, and then magically when the government changes his mind that says, oh, all those facts that were there a year ago, now you're allowed to talk about it. They stop censoring it with the flip of a switch that lays a very strong argument, that Facebook is operating as a state agency, and that opens a very serious legal liability. So this was a very, this is very reassuring for me to hear from Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz is not just some random guy.

0 (7m 2s):
He is one of the most prominent legal minds in our country. And he is saying that Big Tech is legally liable now for their crimes of censorship. And this is a legal route for people to take, to Sue Big Tech and for them to be held liable for perhaps billions of dollars, it might even put them out of business. So what are your thoughts on that job?

1 (7m 26s):
Deep states being exposed, being ripped, ripped apart by a thousand lashes it's happening, we're watching it, you're presenting it. I'm going to present some stuff at the close of the show. To me, it's a foregone conclusion that as we regain power and not just behind the scenes, but in front deep, what's the word here in the media, the Big Tech there, we have it companies, Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and so forth. They're in serious, serious trouble. And the entire landscape we are in the middle of a paradigm shift, the entire landscape of how news or what we once thought was news.

1 (8m 8s):
Most of our adult life is going, is already been exposed. Thank you, president Trump and is now being further exposed. And when we have this, perhaps 10 days of darkness, even Mike Pompeo sent a telegram message out about that. They're finished. And I believe I'll say this here right now, sometime later into 2022, there's going to be a major shift. And the new media is going to overcome the wants prominent, fake news.

0 (8m 39s):
Yeah. They're, they're already on their way out. I mean, the CNN is down something like 90% in the last 12 months, a lot of these companies are going bankrupt. They're being subsidized by oligarchs and so forth. So, you know, they're not making any money. No one's watching them. And pretty soon they're going to be, you know, criminally and legally liable for their crimes. So that's where people like you and, and companies like amp will, will fill that vacuum even more than what they're doing now. So I'm looking forward to that, to that day. And the, the last thing celebration

1 (9m 17s):
For, for all freedom, loving Patriots in this country and all freedom, loving people all across the world. And certainly folks like you and I, and even, you know, everyone from Alex Jones, the original pioneer in this trail-blazing issue and everybody else, the X 22 report. And when you and me and a lot of the Q guys and many others, Patriot street fighter and Michael Jacko, and so many people were being vindicated once one day at a time right now. And it's a wonderful, wonderful thing because things that you and I, and some of the folks that I just mentioned have been brave enough to discuss boldly at great risk. I might add a day in and day out for years.

1 (9m 58s):
Well, just go to Fox, check out the headlines. That's what we said a year ago.

0 (10m 5s):
Good point. Yeah. The only difference between the conspiracy in the truth is about six to 12 months right now. And I'm going to really drive that point home with the last video we're going to show, this is a Dutch politician talking about a report from the Rockefeller foundation called lock step, or basically the Rockefellers laid out exactly how this pandemic and the response from the government would go. And so people like Alex Jones and so forth are always criticized for talking about coordination and conspiracy. And yet this report just demonstrates that it is the case. So let's watch this, this fascinating moment in time where a Dutch politician is talking about the Rockefeller reports

2 (10m 53s):
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2 (11m 48s):
So ain of Andre history over Daisy, she named her feet and infrastructures opiates moments because <inaudible> the accident and lock downs. Mt. Copies. <inaudible> the <inaudible> the design, the global list is a plumber. Could the doors and windows and the Volcker, the stop gifting, mass surveillance and Tortola controller <inaudible> down canal.

1 (12m 26s):
Beautiful. Yes. The great awakening, incredible talk. There's more of us than them. We're fighting back all continents all across the globe. Wonderful.

0 (12m 38s):
Yes. And guess who shared that on a telegram and social media was general Flynn and a there's a lot more before this final wrap up talk that this guy gave, he talked about the specific connections from the lockstep report from Rockefeller foundation. So if you want to see the whole video and go to general, Flynn's telegram official telegram, and you can find it there.

3 (13m 1s):
Excellent. Well,

1 (13m 4s):
Any closing comments, Sean?

0 (13m 8s):
No, that's it for today, John. Okay,

1 (13m 10s):
Excellent. Well, what I'd like to say is I took a couple of notes while you were exposing Fowchee. I want to just let our, our, our viewers know on the homepage of our website, you scroll down to resource center, which I'm real happy has been launched. It'll be back-filled for a year and a half of content and maintain today. And moving forward with all the great guests show hosts, and co-hosts have passed through this program, making sense of the madness. All their resources will be there for you and the Fowchee emails, I believe are posted up there for you to download the PDF. And we're sending them out over the next several weeks, each and every Sunday to those who have subscribed for free at AmericanMediaPeriscope dot net and certainly to our premium members in the portal.

1 (13m 52s):
So Sean, we've got a great guest coming up in just a moment. If you wouldn't mind having a seat in the Brazil, digital green room, we'll, we'll call your presence a little bit later on the show. Thanks a lot. Great reporting is always Sean Morgan Sean, are you with us or maybe not there. His, Hey Sean, meet Peggy hall.

0 (14m 16s):
Nice to meet you. Peggy. It's very inspiring. The work that you do, I did have a few questions for you. So your, your site is, is it is a resource. It used to be that the ACL OU was a resource for things like that, but they've gotten very politicized. Are there any other organizations that people could get some, some legal help from?

4 (14m 40s):
Well, that's a really interesting question, Shawn, because in the year and a half that I've been doing this work, I have found very few attorneys who are willing to this on. I think part of it is because they are licensed by the state and they don't want to get into hot water. Many of them have said, oh, this is all new. This is not my area of expertise. I have actually counseled and advised many attorneys on the health and safety codes in California, just because it's an area of my expertise that I have spent the last year and a half studying. And they're not aware of the facts, for example, that California code 10, 10 80, very clearly states that our county boards are required to terminate the local health emergency at the earliest possible date.

4 (15m 24s):
They are extending this again and again and again, under fraudulent means in order to get emergency money, emergency funds and that's fraud and fraud is a felony that carries a prison sentence. The attorneys don't want to go up to bat or go, go to battle against this one, because they may have pending cases with judges that they don't want to get on the wrong side. They don't want to stir the pot. They want others to go ahead of them so that they can set the stage. And I don't think it's just in these times, I've learned a lot about the, the law and courts and all of that in this last year. And apparently there are things called Benj books and the bench book is a compilation of how different cases have been adjudicated and upheld and ruled upon in different areas, including public health.

4 (16m 10s):
And when a judge gets a case in front of the front of him or her, they usually, as I understand, will consult a bench book because they don't have time to get up to speed on all of the laws and all of the previous cases. So it's a compilation sort of a cliff notes, if you will, of different cases. And then they will come through those to see, oh my gosh, how, how have other judges ruled on this? Do I have some precedents that I can rely on? Well, all of what we're going through now has not been compiled into these bench books and many of the judges and the attorneys don't want to be first on the block. And they've even told that I've not spoken to the judges, but some attorneys have even told me this, that I will follow the crowd, but I don't wanna be the first further, get this hold onto your hats.

4 (16m 50s):
This one, at least in California, it may be another states as well. I have spoken to some top notch, civil rights attorneys who have told me that they are on retainer by the state, meaning they cannot take on any cases that go against the state and get this. They're not even engaged in any active cases. So I'm not going to call it protection money. I'm not going to say that it's a type of mafia tactic. I wouldn't say that, but somebody might misconstrue the fact that the governor and the government is retaining these law firms, paying the monthly for work that they're not doing simply. So they will not take on cases from people like me against the state.

4 (17m 31s):
I'm on record saying that.

0 (17m 35s):
So a lot of people are on their own. They have to either represent themselves or use a public defender. And so you, you provide some, some resources for people to educate themselves, but there are just the people out there that don't the aren't up to that challenge. And 'em, and there are people who just, it's easier for them to follow authority rather than to take on that, the whole risk involved with it at the risk, your reputation, your money, your livelihood, but what are some motivations for people to take that leap of faith and do it. So, you know, what are some things that drive people like yourself and people who access your resources, what drives them to, to gain these freedoms?

0 (18m 18s):
Not just for themselves, but for, for other Americans.

4 (18m 22s):
Well, it's, it boils down to a simple question, Sean, would you rather be a slave or would you rather be free? That's the only question, how comfortable are you with people requiring you or enforcing or not even enforcing because people are willingly going along with it to go and do these behaviors that are while the repulsive to me and I will never do it. So for me, the line is very clear. I have never worn a mask. I'm never going to, I've never been tested. I'm never going to, I'm going to keep my body pure. None of that is something I would no sooner do any of that. Then I would sleep with my boss to get erased.

4 (19m 4s):
I have standards and I have integrity and I have dignity. And just like, I would rather be fired from a job. If the choices are, stay in the job and sleep with the boss or get fired, I would rather be fired and have my dignity and integrity intact. And I would rather die starving, homeless on the street than to ever willingly engage in any of these two radical behaviors without authority, without just with power. I personally will never do so I cannot encourage anyone to do anything other than what sits well with their soul. So if those individuals can look in the mirror and sleep well at night saying, you know what?

4 (19m 47s):
I just gave in a little bit, you know what I had that affair. It didn't really mean anything. You know, I'm sure my spouse will understand. I have nothing to say to that. It's an, a choice that each individual is going to take.

0 (19m 60s):
And it seems like all of humanity is going through this process of learning boundaries, you know, of learning how to interact with authority. And so I really admire the work that you're doing to educate people so they can wake up and do this. But what are some of the common challenges besides the ones that you mentioned wearing a mask and so forth? Are there any people doing these things regarding their children's schooling or what are some common situations the, the people are getting into now?

4 (20m 31s):
I think it's the best thing that ever happened. 'cause with the number of parents that I hear from that suddenly have started looking at their children's school and the children's the curriculum in the way that the teachers and the administration are interacting with the parents and the children. I it's fantastic. As a 30 year veteran of professional teacher education, teaching teachers, how to teach, I can tell you that the public schools are the worst place for students to be. So anything that gets the kids out of those schools and into an alternative learning the situation. And there are many available, and I have a remedy for anyone.

4 (21m 13s):
I have, I have a remedy for a single mom who has to work. I have a remedy for a mom who, who may be disabled or, or a dad or a divorced family, or someone that has six kids of all different ages or has special needs kids. There is a remedy for every situation that is far superior to the public schools, which are intended for indoctrination. And that is why we are in the situation we are right now. They are taught not to question authority. They are, there are so many dangerous things going on in public schools right now. I'm thrilled that this is happening so that parents can take a deeper look. I have something called freedom learning.

4 (21m 53s):
There's a two hour seminar. That's absolutely free that people can dive into at the website. And it breaks my heart to know that the children are the ponds, that in many states, they are busing year old kids to a vaccine site vaccination center, without the parental knowledge. And the kids are getting the shot because of peer pressure. So parents, if you're sending your child to school, you are giving consent for the state to now be the parent of your child. So you just need to know that that when you send your kids to school, you no longer have the authority. If you're okay with that, I would like you to look at that a little deeper because I'm not okay with that. So I would say the kids being used as pawns, the, the individual's, the employees that are being bamboozled by the headline's and being bamboozled by the employer saying, you have to take the shot or you can't work here.

4 (22m 46s):
That's absolutely unlawful. That would be like telling someone in a wheelchair that they have to get up and walk, or they can no longer be employed there. It's absolutely ludicrous, insane unthinkable, immoral, unethical, and needs to be stopped. So I think the employee situation, the school situation, and then the medical settings, also people are being forced under duress to get a COVID test, to wear a mask, to get vaccinated before they get other medical treatment. I spoke at length about how that is illegal. And so it's just up to the individual to say, my life is more important than complying with tyranny. And if you don't believe that your life is more important than complying with tyranny, there are deeper issues that need to be looked at.

4 (23m 26s):
And there are ways to address those as well. You

1 (23m 30s):
Know, Peggy, this is John. I just want to weigh in here. The have some of these different individuals in brackets that you've just defined that are having to take the shot or, you know, suffer some consequence. And, and also the children as you being bused off to get the job, if you will, this is really, really significant tragedy because when you listened to the potential forecasts by Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy, Mike of its scientists that have all been on the shows, there's some big trouble coming down the road folks. So, so pray for all these people because it's not good. And we've got to continue to raise the awareness on this.

1 (24m 13s):
This is our war and the weapon is this the weapon of many things. But in this discussion, the, the big part of the weapon is the no vaccine vaccine that they're trying to force upon people. You know, I, I'm going to, I'll probably give a title, this show solutions for our times with Peggy hall, because that's what you're offering solutions for our times. And these are great questions, Sean. So let me start my chambers rambling and turn the mic back over you. If you have any closing questions or comments from Tega,

0 (24m 45s):
I have one last question. You know, people don't take the types of steps that you're offering here because of fear-based mentality, because they're afraid that they won't be able to keep collecting from corporate America. They, they won't be able to fit in with their peer group. They won't be able to get approval or whatever from the government SOSUS those, those major institutions, the, that keep them from taking that. I called it before a leap of faith, because it seems to me that the people who are willing to take that risk, they don't view it as a risk because there's a spiritual base to the believing that it's okay, corporate America doesn't provide for me, God provides for me, is there a spiritual underpinning for you and your journey?

0 (25m 38s):
Can you talk about that?

4 (25m 41s):
Absolutely. Sean, those are such good points that you bring up and you mentioned the word consequences, and that's true. People don't want to experience the consequences of their choices and of their actions. I'm a person of faith. My husband is a pastor and I feel that God has called me to fight evil and I get up every day and I look to God for my direction, for my protection and for my peace on the website. Under that page of documents, one of the documents is my prayer for activists. And if you don't mind, I would like to read that. It's just, it would just take a minute and it absolutely is part.

4 (26m 21s):
Yeah, that, that is really, I'm just going to bring it up on my screen here. Or if you wanted to bring it up, it's the healthy under documents. And then I will tell you that his number, I have this number here, which is easier for people to find, and that would be number, number two. And that's the prayer that I have. And this is something that guides me and I'm just going to read it here. And I invite people to join me Sundays at 6:00 PM, Pacific time, wherever you are. To me, it just is so powerful to know that we are all praying for each other, supporting each other, looking for the bigger picture. This is a spiritual battle. If this was a war where there were bombs flying and people had to seek shelter, I think they would face the reality of the intensity and the, the, the gravity of what we are in.

4 (27m 13s):
But because it's really an invisible war and many people are able to go to go about their life with just minor irritations. And some people are making quite large sacrifices, but I just want, I want everyone to know that I'm never going to say we're in this together, but you are not alone. And there are many of us shoulder to shoulder, side by side, standing with you. So this is my prayer for activists own Lord I long that people might hear the truth. Give me assistance in reaching others with my heart, uplifted for grace and wisdom, guide me to share my views with fullness of truth, glaring the of thought proper expressions fervency and conviction guided by your wisdom and light.

4 (27m 56s):
Keep me conscious of my faults and flaws, open my heart to hear the sorrows of others and shine your light of comfort and peace. May no soul be lost to your love, strengthened me by your spirit stand between me and all stripes. So I may speak fully and freely and do this work you have called me to do that is what drives me, Shawn.

0 (28m 24s):
Yes, that, that prayer sounds like it's, it's, it's, you're asking God for all the tools you need to fight evil. And that's, that's an amazing thing. And I think John and I, we see our job the same way. The we're we're trying to fight darkness and deception with the sword of truth. And so I just found that very interesting that the people, people who are not willing to make this fight, they do it because they give a little bit too much credit to the powers that be that they have all the power. When in reality, when you're on God's side here, your on the right side, and you have protection and you have a lot of power as well.

0 (29m 4s):
You ha you have the true sovereignty. So I wake up every day knowing I'm on the right side and I'm happy about it. And I do take risks from my reputation and so forth by, by putting my opinions out there. But it's a risk that I'm willing to take because the reward is so great. You

1 (29m 26s):
Know, I just want to chime in, as we're wrapping up the, the program, the segment with Peggy hall, the three folks to our viewers that you see on the screen, we were joining Lynn would and general Flynn and Patrick Byrne, and many of the frontline doctors and so many Patriots in country and all over the world on the tip of that spear. And I'd love to, and the program on that very positive note, last word to you, Peggy hall, and some additional words of encouragement for everybody listening.

4 (29m 55s):
Well, thank you so much friends. I agree, Sean. I don't care what other people think about me. I only care what God thinks about me. I care about what I think about myself. Can I go to bed knowing that I, I did my best. I fought the good fight I'm standing for. Truth. Truth is my highest value. Even freedom and love and faith actually are faulty if they are not under the banner of truth. So that is where I seek information grateful to be on board with you. Anybody can join [email protected] or the free email newsletter, and we need to keep bringing the light of truth to the darkness. Thank you for the opportunity friends.

4 (30m 37s):

1 (30m 37s):
Bet. And thank you, Sean Morgan, who of course will be joining me tomorrow night, Sean, at The Sean Morgan Report dot com and Peggy hall, everyone listening to this program, you can also sign up for the free newsletter. That's very quick and easy to do solutions for our times. The healthy, the Thank you very much, Peggy. You're doing incredible work, stay safe. And I don't mean from the masks. I mean, from the times we're living in a, from the deep state and its false flag seats, and that's upon us, stay safe from that. And God continue to bless us and protect you. Thank you both very much for being.